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"Espresso" is a synonym for "italianità" all over the world. Ultimate Italian coffee has unique and special characteristics: a thick and compact crema, a full body and an intense aroma. Everything contributes to the creation of a perfect coffee: from the right blend of coffee beans, the roasting & grinding to the machine to prepare it. For these reasons and driven by the search for perfection, we have created the CECCHETTO Professional system, a system able to best enhance the characteristics of our blends for you to enjoy an excellent coffee at home, at work or at the restaurant.

Quality, innovation, reliability. These are the fundamental values contained in the "Swiss Technology" concept. In order to offer a perfect coffee, cutting-edge technology is required. That is why we are constantly working on making our coffee machines efficient, robust, easy to use and with an impeccable design. All this is CECCHETTO Professional.

Our own proprietary capsule system has been developed over years to route the water that extracts the coffee into extremely accurate gradients in just as precise times. The water first moistens the coffee by gradually penetrating into the cells of the mixture. This phase is called prefusion or prebrewing. Until the maximum pressure is reached, the bottom of the capsule opens and lets the coffee flow slowly. This creates an extraordinary and dense crema, which contains a large part of the volatile aromas that make our espresso unique.
We are open to receive applications for international distribution partners who seek the autonomy of a closed system and highest in cup quality with ultimate products and long term partnership! We strongly believe in and grant exclusivity, either geographically and/or per sales channel.
Bringing sales and marketing together is paramount to the growth of your company and everyone benefits from an integrated approach. This sort of alignment helps you significantly improve your business bottom-line and also ensures a better working environment enabling you to create smarter marketing campaigns and ultimately improve your customer service and customer satisfaction.


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Our top class proprietary capsule system gives you the freedom to develop your presence in your market and or sales channels without having to worry about the hassle of cloned products jeopardizing your investments!

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Ability to adapt to your local needs / trends for you to increase your local competitive advantage

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8,5 gramms of highest quality coffee per capsule

Every Cecchetto coffee has its own personality, distinct aromas and embodies the soul of its origins. Our coffees are categorized by cup size and level of intensity. We offer different ranges of coffees to be enjoyed as Ristretto (25 ml), Espresso (40 ml), Lungo (110 ml), Decaffeinated (40 ml and 110 ml).

Perfect Italian roasting and grinding

During roasting, the characteristic coffee taste aroma components are formed, along with the typical brown colour of the beans. More than 1000 different aroma components of coffee are known. By variation of the roasting conditions it is possible to achieve the specific flavour profile of the final coffee according to the preferences of the consumer. Grind size needs to be adapted for each intended use (espresso , lungo etc.) as it will also influence the taste in the cup.

100% Arabica and 50%/50% mixed blends with Arabica & Robusta

In the world of coffee and espresso there are two main contenders: Arabica & Robusta. Robusta produces a very full bodied and strong coffee, known for its earthy flavours, strength and high acidity. This coffee is unlikely to be used on its own and is blended with Arabica beans to round out the flavour profile to create a desirable blend. Arabica coffee is by far the most popular and widely consumed bean. This species of coffee generally exhibits a sweeter profile, with fruity and zesty flavours as well as a strong 'coffee' aroma and unlike Robusta, you can find and use a 100% blend of Arabica beans.

Closed system / Unique approach

Our system offers all the advantages of a professional and thought through portioned system helping you to protect your investments. Our machines are high quality, based on Swiss technology and feature Italian design whilst our capsules assortment offers a wide and unique range of hot beverage options from coffees to black teas, green teas, infusions, Ginseng coffee to Consomées.

Your coffees

We have the ability to adapt to your local coffee needs or trends for you to increase your competitive advantage! Together we can create your own coffee blend: 8.5 gramms of highest quality coffee per capsule with adapted roasting to your market preferences (lighter roasting), adapted grinding if needed, adding special flavours, source single origin as per your request. 100% Arabica or mixed blends with Robusta.

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Excellent in cup quality

We strive for the very best coffee quality served in your cup. Top quality blends of selected Robusta beans and first-class Arabica beans make the classic, typical Italian coffee taste. The strong aromas gives the palate an excellent taste experience crowned by a fragrant and velvety, firm golden crema.

Integrated Sales & Marketing approach

Bringing sales and marketing together is paramount to the growth of your company and everyone benefits from an integrated approach. This sort of alignment helps you significantly improve your business bottom-line and also ensures a better working environment enabling you to create smarter marketing campaigns and ultimately improve your customer service and customer satisfaction.

Multi beverage capsule options

Our hot beverage assortment features various coffees (Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Decaf), teas (black teas, green teas, various infusions) and other hot beverages such as Ginseng coffee and Consomées

Technical support & training

We believe the capability of providing top technical support must be at the centre of your focus to provide outstanding customer service hence creating highest customer satisfaction. With a train-the trainer concept we ensure a complete technical knowledge transfer.

Modular machine solutions for all sectors

We create carefree 360' coffee solutions for any coffee consumption location by providing adequate coffee machines adapted to the need of customers including additional features, furniture or payment systems needed and in line with the sectors specific needs.

Sharing best practice between markets and regions

We all can learn from each other's experiences made in the markets. We strongly believe in sharing these best practices in order to support each other's success. We share success – and celebrate together – we share mistakes made – and learn from them together!


Our coffee machines

Our history



Our innovation pipeline is rich and there are lots of good ideas waiting to be materialized: Yet more new machine launches, the revolutionary Crono Plus featuring one touch double milk solution and the innovative Unique, are ahead and planned for Q1 – so watch this space! Cecchetto's international expansion takes the capsule system and new machines abroad into new markets.



Based on decades of experience in the technical support of professional coffee machines, vending and capsule machines, sales & marketing of the various systems and regular customer feedback from all sales channels, the company creates its own R&D department with the objective to improve all aspects of existing capsule systems and focussing on development of machines and various technological improvements. Bringing together the best of two worlds: More than 30 years of experience gathered allow the company to enhance the quality of its own proprietary closed capsule system in a way that maximises the in-cup quality to highest levels whilst reducing the number of technical interventions to the machines needed. Striving for the best the first machine development project leads to the launch of the beautyful CRONO Inox, Inox/Gold and Black : Italian design meets Swiss technology! This machine is successfully placed in B2C and OCS sales channel.



With years of experience at the forefront with direct customer feedback, Cecchetto decides to create hiw own coffee blends in order to ensure that authentic Italian coffee tradition is transferred to the Swiss market gaining immediate acceptance! A close cooperation with Italian roasters gives birth to unrivalled blends that start to be sold to various sales channels in the market, both in existing sizes and forms of capsules and as packed roasted beans.



The company changes its legal form to AG – Aktiengesellschaft, ensuring the struture allows the company to further grow and is prepared for future endeavours. Longterm sponsoring engagements with leading events are started across Switzerland, creating high visibility and brand awareness. The company moves to its brand new head office. Cecchetto is nominated and wins Swiss Logistic Awards, a prestigious price for its unrivalled service concept, and the European Logistic Awards.



Cecchetto becomes official exclusive importer and main distributor of the newly launched Lavazza Espresso Point System in Switzerland and focuses on gaining market share creating presence for the system across the market place in the decades to come. The company has built up a solid customer base across various sales channels, own showroom and a network of 30 regional distributors across the country, breaking all language barriers and increasing market presence. Regional office and showroom in the Basel area is opened.



In a time when no one had ever heard about capsule coffee yet, Renato Cecchetto initiates activity importing directly coffee capsules and machines from Italy and placing first 100 machines whilst taking care of repairs himself in his garage. Soon additional staff is needed due to the success based on the obvious advantages of capsule solutions such as coffee quality, power of choice and convenience.

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Since many years we are relying on the excellent coffee knowledge from Cecchetto at our world renowned ATP tennis tournament Swiss Indoors Basel. You find appropriate, elegant and solid coffee solutions in all hospitality lounges of the VIP village, in the back offices and in the professional coffee bars across the public part of our location. In these years Cecchetto has set highest quality standards by its innovation offered and passion for excellence. The variety of pure coffee and coffee & milk products and the reliability of the systems are clearly state-of-the-art.

John Doe

Patrick Ammann

Managing Director of Swiss Indoors Basel ATP World Tour 500

At the 5 star hotel Park Gstaad we strive to offer moments our visitors will cherish. Surrounded by majestic panoramic views of the mountains, the hotel combines Swiss charm and sophisticated modern comfort in all 84 rooms, and 10 suites. With an emphasis on community and an ethos rooted in discretion, authenticity and understated luxury, the hotel is a shining example of traditional Swiss hospitality with a contemporary flair. When it comes to coffee solutions, we rely on Cecchetto for in-room consumption, across our gastronomy, banqueting, our bar and in our spa since many years. Cecchetto offers true coffee excellence.

Hannah Brown

Bernd Rudigier

Director of Food & Beverages of Hotel Park Gstaad

These days good coffee and quality machines for offices not only satisfy a basic need but help transform a quick chat amongst colleagues into a quality conversation, we realized. During our meetings, the coffee breaks provide a welcome pause and often also an opportunity to discuss and share ideas in a relaxed manner. We know that offering a fantastic quality cup of coffee creates a good athmosphere and positive impression of our workplace. In our offices at UBS we are relying on CECCHETTO's business coffee solutions in order to make employees and customers feel special.

Jane Doe

Jacqueline Maier


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